Open Data Hackathon

November 25, 2017

Lalitpur, Nepal

Yalamaya Kendra (Dhokaima Cafe), Patan Dhoka

  1. Register and Choose

    Register your name and choose the type of data - Election, Spending or Agriculture based on your interest.

  2. Team Up and Prepare

    Come to the venue on hackathon day and team up with others participants. Brainstorm together and complete the given tasks.

  3. Present and Showcase

    Share and showcase your work to everyone and pitch the idea which you want to develop further.

  4. Certificate and Incubation

    Certificate of Appreciation for everyone and top 5 pitched ideas will be selected for further incubation and mentorship.


Which Data ?

Election Data

Spending Data

Agriculture Data

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who should apply?

Everyone! Developers, Students, Data Analyst, Data Enthusiasts, Designers, Makers, UI/UX designers, Artists, Animators, Storytellers, Students.

I Registered! Does this guarantee me a spot?

No. Due to the limited seats, we will be shortlisting participants based on their motivation and background. Selected participants will receive a confirmation email. Registration closes on November 22nd, 2017.

What type of things should I build?

Based on the types of data you choose (Election, Spending, and Agricultural), your team will receive a task to extract and analyse certain datasets in the first phase, then in second phase your team can work on any kinds of innovative idea by using those data.

What language or platform Should I use?

Your choice, language and platform in which you are confident and have experience. But by the end of the day, we want your project to be more data-driven.


Who owns the data and code?

Of course you do! OKN does not own any of your code and data. But we encourage you to open source it so that others can further expand and explore it.

Open Data Hackthon (H-Day)