1. Open Data Curriculam
  2. Open Data Manual
  3. Presentation 1 (Introduction to Open Data)
  4. Presentation 2 (Working with Open Data in Nepal)
  5. Presentation 3 (Process of working with Data)
  6. Session Plan
  7. Data Literacy Pre-workshop survey
  8. Data Literacy Post-workshop survey
  9. Open Data Awareness Program - Project Report


  1. Data Driven Journalism
  2. Open Knowledge International
  3. Open Knowledge Nepal
  4. Open Nepal
  5. Glocal Khabar
  6. TechLekh
  7. Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS)
  8. Er. Saban Kumar K.C. Blog

Open Data Hackathon

  1. Call for Applications: Open Data Hackathon to raise awareness on usage of Open Data in Nepal
  2. Open Data Hackathon by Open Knowledge Nepal